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Take A Peek Into The Carioca Life

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What was supposed to be my Tuesday post ended up being a Wednesday post, thanks to some mighty slow internet and an editing disaster. But, as promised, here’s my weekly video so that you can see what my daily life is like here in Brazil. I decided not to put music to this one, because I think you all should enjoy what the city (and all of its vast offerings) sounds like. Basically, this is a 100% honest representation of the different aspects of my day, from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

I wanted this to be as true-to-reality as possible, so I didn’t tell anyone in it that I was filming. I just walked around, video camera held stealthily around my belt line, hoping no one would see and try to snatch it or ask – “What in the world are you DOING?!” Well, finally I gathered all of the clips that I needed, and luckily no one did either of those things. (Although I did get a few strange looks as I walked down the road…)

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, welcome to Rio de Janeiro! Seja bem-vindo!


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      Thanks Jess! It’s definitely a wonderful sight after a long day at school and volunteering 🙂

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