I’m On A Boat: Island Hopping In The Philippine Sea

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While we were in Surigao, I was afforded the opportunity to go island hopping in the Philippine Sea. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but as we boarded our bangka (traditional Philippine boat), and set sail, I was sure that this would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We first went to a small island, which was something I’ve only seen in movies. The island was like a sandbar with golden sand, but it also had trees and even an abandoned hut.

Then, we went to a small sandbar. These are pretty cool because they are only visible when the tide is low.

Afterward, we went to a small rock island. This one was my personal favorite because it had caves and cliff-like rock formations that gave the island a very “castaway” feeling. We ate lunch here and took a walk around the island in the water.

Of course, we went swimming, snorkeling, and walking as well. One neat aspect of these islands is that, during low tide, one can often walk from one to another.

We got extremely lucky that day because no other tourists were island hopping. We had every island to ourselves the whole day. It was truly a treat having our own “private islands”! This experience is yet another that has led me to believe that the Philippines is, in fact, one of the most incredible places in the world.


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      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m truly having the time of my life here. Time has just flown by and I know I’ll miss it when I have to leave.


  1. Wow… I’ll be vacationing for a month in Korea and I’ve been looking around to see what other country I should stop at. Perhaps the Philippines should be it, but I wouldn’t even know where to start! haha, amazing pictures!

    1. Author

      Yes! The Philippines would make a wonderful stop. There is so much to see here! 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate them!


      1. haha, do you have any tips on where to find those breathtaking places? 😀 And they were well-deserved. I REALLY want to see that river in person. ^^

        1. Author

          Ah, well luckily for me, most of my family is from the Philippines so they have given us recommendations. But my best advice to give is to talk to locals and people familiar with the area and find out where the (real) best places to see are! Thanks for stopping by again 🙂 I really enjoy hearing your feedback and you are always so nice!


          1. haha, as long as they understand English – my Tagalog… isn’t good. O_o In fact, my Tagalog is almost even nonexistent, though from what I hear, everyone there speaks English. Thanks for the tip! ^^

          2. Author

            My Tagalog and Visayan are both nonexistent…haha. But they’re relatively easy to pick up and most people speak at least basic English!


          3. AWESOME. Now, next important question: is vegetarian food there relatively easy to find? haha… ^^

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            Yes and no. If you go to a restaurant there are almost always vegetable dishes to order, and soups as well. The main delicacies do mostly have meat and so does street food. But in terms of finding vegetarian food in general, there are always the markets where they sell really great tropical fruits, vegetables, etc. and everything is REALLY inexpensive (usually less than 1 USD at markets and less than 5 USD at restaurants)!

          5. haha, well, I’ve lived in Korea for a year so this should be a piece of cake. ^^; Are the vegetable dishes 100% vegetarian and the soups that way too, or are they cooked with or in meat products? O_o

            Thanks for the info!

          6. Author

            Not sure about that one, although it’s really not hard to find steamed vegetables and salads. I’ll start to take a closer look at local menus and let you know!

          7. As long as it’s not out of your way. 😀 Thanks, again! Granted, when I’m abroad, I might allow myself to be a little more lax in regards to dietary restrictions, but I still prefer fully vegetarian meals, haha.

            It’s sometimes a curse how I love food and traveling but I’m also a vegetarian… ^__^; Thanks, again!

  2. Thanks for following. I enjoyed your blog and especially the pictures of the butterfly on the sand and the bangka.

    1. Author

      Thanks Ginny! I’m glad you had a chance to stop by. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I can’t wait to see more from you!


  3. Wow. Looks like fun and quite an adventure. You seem like a women with lots of courage! Thanks, by the way, for checking in to my blog this morning (Pairodox Farm) … much appreciated. Be safe and continue to take lots of great photos! D

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      In that specific area there were probably somewhere between 5 or 10, but I’m not sure. In the Philippines there are over 7,000! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! 🙂


  4. Wow! Where in Siargao is that? Been to Siargao eons ago but I don’t remember these beautiful islands. It does look like a scene in a movie. 🙂

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      It was actually Surigao! I’m not exactly sure where on the island this is, but it’s a small inlet off the coast of the island. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting 🙂


  5. I’m hoping to do some sailing from Indonesis to the Phillipines soon, this has really whetted the appetite – looks amazing! Great post!

    1. Author

      Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing. What kind of boat do you have? I’m an amateur sailor on my school’s club team so I love the water and sailing in general! Good luck with your trip, I really want to know more about it!


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