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Hostel Hunting: A Beginner’s Guide

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toronto birds eye viewWhen visiting a new city, choosing a hostel can be difficult, especially with the growing number of budget accommodations in today’s world. Like hotels, hostels can vary from multi-bed dorm rooms to private, luxury suites. They’re also fantastic places to make new friends, many of which have attached bars and common rooms where travelers from all over the world can meet and converse. The best part for students and young people is that hostels are usually pretty inexpensive.

A question I’m commonly asked is how I go about choosing a hostel. Many people ask about how I know whether hostels are safe and clean, or if I choose hostels based on location. They worry that hostels they choose could be “sketchy” or “unsanitary,” two admittedly valid worries.

And the honest truth is that finding a good hostel requires some research. First, you need to find out the options available in the city. You need to find ratings, search for locations, determine and weigh costs, etc. And, lastly, of course, you need to book your stay. It can be a pretty arduous task and, with today’s seemingly myriad options, it can be hard to pinpoint the right hostel for you, especially when you’re busy with exploration and travel. My answer to their question is that I often use a hostel booking company to read reviews, find the hostels on maps, and easily check on prices and availability.

On my recent trip to Toronto, I was frantically trying to find a place to stay. I only had a week until I arrived, and I was pressed for time in booking any kind of accommodation, especially for the 1,300-person TBEX conference. In my search, I stumbled upon an app called WeHostels, which I used on my iPhone to book my room at Hostelling International Toronto for the duration of the conference. With a couple of clicks I booked my room for just $25 per night from my rural accommodation in Guatemala. As an on-the-go student and budget traveler, it worked perfectly. It was extremely easy to use, and in a few weeks it’ll be available for Android and iPad as well. With so much information consolidated into one space, it makes navigating the hostel world a thousand times easier.

If you want to give WeHostels a shot on your next trip, I’ve got a special bonus deal for you just for reading this site! If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you a code to use for $10 off your first booking. That can help you travel for even less!


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