Want to travel while still making money? Then working abroad is your game! There are options for everyone, ranging from internships abroad to WWOOFing to working as an au pair to teaching English, and everything in between. I once met someone from my university in Texas who took an internship that paid for him to travel all around the world, from Singapore to Norway! As companies globalize, they seek more and more employees who are willing to travel. That employee could be YOU!

Internships: As an undergraduate or graduate student, you can apply for internships abroad in a variety of fields. I’ve known friends who traveled to Paris on scholarships to do chemistry research or interned with public policy think tanks, and another friend who resided in Germany for physics research. These opportunities range in compensation. Some don’t pay, but they subsidize housing and travel costs. Others provide a living stipend, while some even provide a salary or hourly payment. Interning abroad can give you valuable career experience and language immersion, two valuable assets to future employers.

Looking for an internship abroad? Go Abroad and your school’s career centerĀ are good places to start.

WWOOFing: Want free housing? Interested in plants and agriculture? Look no further than WWOOFing, or Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Usually, the way this works is that you sign up for an organic farm somewhere in the world, where you’ll work a few hours a week. In exchange, you get free housing and sometimes a few free meals too! When you save on housing costs, you can use your money on cooler things, like sightseeing or coffee shops (organically-produced ones, of course!).

Becoming an Au Pair: Au pairing is a relatively easy and common practice, and is a good way to live in a cool place, practice a new language, and make a little bit of money, too! The typical au pair works in a household, watching kids and helping with domestic activities such as cleaning and cooking. In exchange, they get free housing, meals, and a small stipend. People all over the world are seeking au pairs, and you can get started online by visiting sites like Au Pair World and AuPair.com.

Teaching English: Today, there is an increasing demand for English teachers in non-English-speaking countries. If you like to work with people directly, this could be a great opportunity for you. Sometimes, programs provide housing and/or travel costs for teachers, and also provide a living stipend. Before you can teach in a lot of places, however, you need to get TEFL certification. You can do this online or through an in-person course.

Have another method of working abroad? Email me at kay(at)thekaydays(dot)com and I’ll feature you on this page!

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