Don’t quite fit into one of the other travel niches? That’s great, because you can turn your interest into a form of travel. There are many different kinds of travelers, from people who travel solely to eat food, to people who travel using only a bicycle as a means for transportation. Don’t rule out anything – you could be the future of travel in the world.

Some unique, interesting, and fun examples of interest-specific travel:

Jodi from LegalNomads specializes in food travel, specifically gluten-free dishes.

Kerwin from CruisinAltitude is obsessed with everything airplane-related.

Craig from StayAdventurous is an avid sunset-lover, collecting images of them all over the world.

Stephanie from A Nerd At Large loves doing everything nerdy when she travels.

Do you have an interest that you’ve focused on in your travels? If so, shoot me an email and I’ll feature you on this page!

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