Travel is an education. Basically, your main takeaway from travel should be, of course, to have a great time, but also to learn something from what you did. That’s why travel is an investment – something that you put money into in hopes that you’ll receive some kind of long-term benefit. Your worldly, global education is your return of investment. It’s what the travelsphere brings to you. It’s what every dollar counts towards.

So how do you ensure that your money is worth spending on travel? You make every effort to learn while you’re out in the world. Here are a few ways you can see your investment at play:

  • Getting a job. Employers like people who are tolerant, independent, and motivated. They also like people who are bilingual or have international experience, because it shows your commitment to discovering and interacting with the world at large.
  • In classes. You learned about Shakespeare in English class, but wouldn’t it be 100 times cooler to see one of his plays in the reconstructed Globe Theater? Isn’t it cool to see where Ferdinand Magellan actually landed in his circumnavigation attempt? Being able to put your textbook knowledge to the test in the real world is the best way to consolidate and retain that information in the long-term.
  • Through conversations with others. I can usually tell when I’m talking to someone who is well-traveled versus someone who is not. This is because travel changes the way you interact with others and the way you approach the world. Traveling can make you sound more intelligent, professional, and openminded when talking and conversing with others.
  • Personal strength. When you’ve been in the world on your own, you develop a unique independence that gives you a sense of strength and security. Travel fosters a kind of identity that lives on even when you’re back at home.
  • Inspiration. More often than not, travel ignites a motivation in people who do it constantly. Instead of getting tired of travel, most people want to continue journeying throughout their lives, and thus they instill this worldly inspiration in their children and friends. This is how the travel bug spreads, and trust me, it’s contagious.

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