Parents, you want your child to grow and develop to the best of their potential. You want to see them become an educated, worldly individual with a steady job and lofty goals. You want your child, the one you’ve raised for decades, to become a successful, motivated individual. And while your student is in college, you want him or her to get the best and most wholesome education they can. You loved exploring and traveling when you were in college, and you want your student to have an even better experience.

If this sounds like you, then your child should be traveling. It can be terrifying to let your daughter or son explore the world on their own, faced with so many different possibilities, good and bad. That’s why I’ve dedicated a resource page on this site for you, so that you’ll know how to ensure your student’s safety as they embark on the journey of their lifetime. Here are some resources that can assist you in you and your student’s journey:

The College Regret: Why Your Student Should Travel NOW

Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Student

Things to Discuss Before Departure

FAQ and Resources

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