Camiguin: The Philippines’ Best Kept Secret

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With its beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and everything in between, Camiguin really is “the island born of fire.” No matter where on the island you are, it’s impossible to miss the beautiful landscapes, rice fields, and ocean views of Camiguin. It’s basically a photographer’s paradise, which is why the past two weeks here have been absolutely incredible for me.

In my time here, I’ve really made an effort to learn about the language, customs, and lifestyles of the locals. However, I’ve also been very interested in seeing what the island has to offer, which, in reality, involves a lot of tourist attractions. However, since it’s the off-season, I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of really cool things…without the crowds. Since we did so much, I’ll try to touch on my favorite of the island’s main attractions:

1. Ardent Hot Springs: These pools contain naturally heated water, running from pool to pool through cute little waterfalls.

2. Camiguin EcoLodge: See my post here.

3. Clam Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary offers guests the chance to see endangered species’ of clams, as well as beautiful tropical fish, coral, and anemones.

4. Zip Line: This new construction allows visitors to see amazing views of the ocean as well as the rainforest. A must-see for all adventurers!

5. Santo Niño Cold Springs: The water here is cold and refreshing with its 200 spring outlets. The pool is clean and always cool!

6. Catarman Old Church Ruins: This old Spanish church parished when one of the island’s three volcanoes erupted. The ruins are remnants of this powerful explosion.

7. Soda Springs: Bubbly, carbonated water is available in great quantities here at the Soda Springs. It even comes out of the faucets!

8. Katibawasan Falls: One of the island’s most breathtaking attractions, Katibawasan Falls is a spectacle you can’t miss.

9. The Sunken Cemetery: This cemetery was forced underwater after the volcano erupted. Now people come to marvel at the giant, floating cross situated a few meters off shore.

10.White Island: This sandbar, only accessible by boat, offers incredible views of Camiguin’s three volcanoes, as well as the open ocean.

11. San Juan Festival: Once a year this festival occurs on the island of Camiguin. I was jsut lucky enough to be here for it this year!

I’ve truly loved getting to know this beautiful island for the past two weeks. It has such unique character, but also the small, community feel that I enjoy so much. This island is known to few, but those who do know it quickly come to love it!


  1. You make me want to go! Beautiful images. Thanks for liking my post. Suggestion, on your where I’ve been post each country should have a link to that post!

    1. Author


      Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll definitely link the ones I can. 🙂

      And you should definitely go sometime! It’s truly a hidden gem.


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  3. You are the great-granddaughter of my mother’s — Jeannie Young — Godmother “Maninay” Tolentino. Recently your grandma told my aunt, Aida Breslin, about your Camiguin adventure and I searched you out.

    The Young family lived on Camiguin while in hiding from the Japanese during the WWII. THANK YOU for all of the terrific information and photos.

    I dream of going there, it will be at the top of my bucket list. You can find me on Facebook:

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