Thank you for reading The Kay Days! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time follower, I am so excited to have you here on my site and am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

You’ve probably stumbled upon this page because you wanted to know a little bit more about me. Here are the answers to some of the things you might be wondering!

Who are you?

My name is Kay, and I’m a recent college graduate embarking on a lifelong journey to see the world. I love storytelling and I enjoy seeing places in ways that I can put into words. I am Filipino-American, but I like to think my identity is tied to a bunch of different places.

I am also an avid photography enthusiast, ukulele-lover, foodie, and runner. You’ll often catch me doing quite adventurous things, from eating weird bugs to rock climbing on stalagmites and everything in between.

You look like a teenager. How old are you now?

Part of the reason why you may think I look very young is because I started this blog when I was 19. Now, four years later, I’m 23, still blogging, and still traveling. A lot of my photos were taken during my college travels, so I might seem younger than I am. Or maybe it’s just my Filipino genes!

When/how did you start traveling and blogging?

At the age of eighteen, I flew across the Atlantic Ocean on my own to see a part of the world I’d never experienced before. Little did I know that this trip would ignite the spark to travel that I now hope to share with you through this blog. While I was traveling, I learned more about humanity and society than I ever had in a classroom, and I met people who I’ll never forget. From the very moment I returned to the USA, I knew that I wanted to impart my love for travel to others.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that I realized I wanted to travel for a living. After not getting the summer internship I wanted, I realized that I needed to get away. However, with a college budget, I didn’t think I’d be able to go anywhere. So, I sold my car to fund a 3-month trip spanning Central America to Southeast Asia. During these three months, I learned that my whole perspective on life had shifted, and I’d become a lot more open-minded. After this summer, I realized that I wanted to help other young people experience the beauty of travel.

How many countries have you been to?

The short answer – 30.

The long answer is that I don’t really believe in counting countries because I prefer a depth of experience over a lot of variety. That’s why I spent six months in Brazil, two months in the Philippines, three months in Southeast Asia, and a total of one month in Guatemala (over three years).

How do you afford to travel?

If I told you all my secrets here, then I’d have to throw you overboard…

…I’m totally kidding! During college I traveled using money I saved working three jobs on top of my course load. I also applied for a variety of scholarships and contests that enabled me to travel on someone else’s dime. On The Kay Days, I occasionally write about this very topic – you can find posts I’ve written about saving money here, here, and here. After college, I started working for a consulting firm and, yes, I travel quite frequently for my job as well!

Who’s that guy with you?

You might notice in some of my travels there is a strange man with me in several of my photos. That man, in fact, is my boyfriend/sidekick Rafael. He’s an aspiring surgeon so most of the time he’s behind the scenes of this blog. Occasionally he gets the chance to travel with me (we’ve been to Guatemala, Turkey, Brazil and Vietnam together), and you’ll see him around this blog when he does!

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