View of Prague from Castle

A Winter Fairytale in Praha

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Imagine standing atop a hill as the sun sets, looking down upon snow-covered rooftops, gorgeous cathedral spires, and smoking chimneys and drinking a hot glass of glühwein. The last gleams of sunlight sparkle across the waters of the gorgeous Vltava, bridges abound and city lights beginning to twinkle from the windows of buildings. In this city, the antiquity blends with the modern, as lines of car traffic bend and swirl between old cathedrals, castles, and monuments. For some, this is a home, a work place, or a dream. For others, it’s a place of worship, a historical venue, or a place of study. Most will agree, however, that the fairytale qualities and magical ambience of Prague, Czech Republic make it one of Europe’s most romantic destinations, especially in the winter time.

Prague at Dusk

For me, what makes Prague so outwardly striking is its beautiful buildings. Around every corner there is some sort of historical building, town square, monument, or church worth taking a look at. The structures in this city add to its romantic nature, as they look like a place right out of a European romance novel or a Jane Austen flick. In the winter, the roofs are often covered in a layer of fluffy, white snow, a picturesque addition to an already charming scene. See for yourself!

Because of its hilly landscape, there are many places in Prague to see stunning panoramic views of the city, beautiful and memorable scenes to write into memory alongside a loved one. These are especially wonderful when shared with someone else – one of those wonderful qualities of Prague that brings people even closer. Some of these fantastic high points are Letna Park, near the giant pendulum, and Prague Castle, at the end of the Golden Lane. Try to hit some of these places right as the sun is rising or setting – the lighting makes this view so much more vibrant and breathtaking.

View of Prague from Castle

Prague’s town squares are also wonderfully romantic places to walk around. The Old Town Square, with its beautiful spires and astronomical clock, is a fantastic place to start. Other pretty areas include the Palladium, Wenceslas Square, and the National Theater area.

Astronomical Clock in Prague

Additionally, in the winter, Prague has some lovely Christmas markets in many of its squares. If you’ve never seen a Christmas market before, you’re in for a real treat! Local vendors, artisans, and craftsmen sell gifts and handmade items at all price levels. There are also often live performances or music radiating from the booths, and of course, fantastic Christmas decorations around every corner. The lights, sounds, and smells of the Christmas markets are reason enough to visit Prague during the winter, and would be a wonderful memory to share with someone you love.

Prague Old Town Square Christmas Market

The Vltava also offers a dazzling addition to this city. Taking a long stroll alongside it or across one of Prague’s lovely bridges is a lovely addition to any trip to the city. The Charles Bridge is Prague’s famous footbridge, and lined with antiquated statues, it makes for a promenade unique to Prague.

Vltava River and Prague Castle

The one characteristic of Prague that makes it different from any other city is its magical charm. In the winter, it’s just as lovely to sit in a small cafe and people-watch all day as it is to climb the steps up to the Castle. The street musicians are just as fun to listen to as the Symphony. No matter what your taste is, there’s something to find in this mystically romantic city.

Streets of Prague at Night

The truth is, despite the fact that I visited Prague on my own, it is the number one city I definitely plan to revisit with my future loved one (whoever that may be)! Its charm, beauty, history, and magical atmosphere are both rejuvenating and comforting for anyone, and being able to share such a special place with another person, in and of itself, would be a truly remarkable experience.

This is my entry to the February 2013 Carnival of Europe hosted by Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer with the theme “Most Romantic Places in Europe”.

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  1. What a beautiful city, Kay! And your description definitely adds to the magic!

  2. Praha is wonderful. I stayed 4 days there in spring 2012 and I didn’t want to leave! I surfed in Žižkov and I reall had an amazing time. Thanks for joining the carnival!

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