ordinary class train myanmar

Overnight on the Ordinary Class Train in Myanmar

Grasping my thin, paper ticket, I walked up to my seat, took one look at it, and had a mini panic attack. You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Kay. What on Earth were you thinking? Three days into my solo trip through Southeast Asia, I found myself boarding the ordinary class car of a rickety, […]

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hpa an buddha statues

11 Things To Know Before Traveling In Myanmar

After traveling in Myanmar for almost three weeks, I learned so much about a country I knew almost nothing about. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on going when I first established my itinerary. Not long after I arrived, however, Myanmar captured my heart with its vibrant culture, its lifestyle, and its people. The culture […]

fish yangon street market

Meandering Through the Street Markets of Yangon

It was nearing half past two when I first stumbled onto the steps of my hostel in Yangon – jet lagged, grimy, and covered in a thin layer of reddish-brown dust. I probably looked just as fresh as I felt, and all I could think of were sleep and food. At the time, I didn’t […]

futebol game in brazil

9 Things You Should Know Before Traveling In Brazil

Oh, Brazil, the land of sparkling beaches, lavish churrascarias, crazy soccer fans, and street music…right? While most of the stereotypes about Brazil have some truth to them (like the soccer fanaticism and the amazing music), there are a lot of surprising things about the country that people don’t know! For example, Brazil houses the largest […]


A Tale of A Backpacker In A Suit

One of the things I’ve failed to own up to yet on my blog is that I’ve accepted a job with a global consulting firm, to begin working next fall. Yeah, that means I’ll be working a job. In an office. With coworkers and coffee and pressed shirts an abundance of office supplies. Cue the image of […]

mount bromo indonesia

Southeast Asia In A Semester

Remember that money I saved? Well, I’ve finally decided to put it to use. This year, instead of spending my last four months in Houston back in college, I decided to graduate early and spend the time before my graduation ceremony on my dream trip to Southeast Asia. Why Southeast Asia? I weighed a lot of options, […]

foreign currency

How I Saved $11,000 For My Dream Trip While In College

I let out an exasperated sigh. This could only mean one thing – time to check my bank account again, to make sure I had enough money for textbooks and food this week. Welcome to the life of a broke college student! Some people think that travel is a right reserved for the rich. Others […]