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How to Meet Locals Anywhere In The World

If you’d told me this three years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you: You can make friends with anyone, anywhere. Yes, it’s true, even if there are language barriers. During my time traveling, from South America to Southeast Asia, I have met and spent time with people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. I’ve played ukulele […]

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20 Unconventional Ways to Spend Your Summer Break

Internship applications have come and gone and you haven’t come up with any job offers to fill your summer break. Maybe you’re a freshman or sophomore in college that can’t find a position because they’re mostly designed for juniors. Or perhaps you did get some job offers but none of them really appeal to you. Whatever […]

worst nightmare

Surviving Every Traveler’s Worst Nightmare

Hold on tight, folks – you’re about to embark on a 3,000-word journey through my most terrifying travel experience thus far. I woke up in a panic, clutching my stomach as if it were about to fall out of my body. Where was I? What was happening? Rubbing my eyes, I tried to orient myself. […]

myanmar boat ride

Taking the Boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa An

In my research, I found that many sources on the Internet have conflicting information about the boat from Mawlamyine to Hpa An in Myanmar. It was confusing for me when I was planning my trip so I decided to provide an update for all those who are interested in taking the boat. Here’s my latest and […]

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Overnight on the Ordinary Class Train in Myanmar

Grasping my thin, paper ticket, I walked up to my seat, took one look at it, and had a mini panic attack. You’ve really outdone yourself this time, Kay. What on Earth were you thinking? Three days into my solo trip through Southeast Asia, I found myself boarding the ordinary class car of a rickety, […]

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11 Things To Know Before Traveling In Myanmar

After traveling in Myanmar for almost three weeks, I learned so much about a country I knew almost nothing about. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on going when I first established my itinerary. Not long after I arrived, however, Myanmar captured my heart with its vibrant culture, its lifestyle, and its people. The culture […]

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Meandering Through the Street Markets of Yangon

It was nearing half past two when I first stumbled onto the steps of my hostel in Yangon – jet lagged, grimy, and covered in a thin layer of reddish-brown dust. I probably looked just as fresh as I felt, and all I could think of were sleep and food. At the time, I didn’t […]