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How I Saved $11,000 For My Dream Trip While In College

I let out an exasperated sigh. This could only mean one thing – time to check my bank account again, to make sure I had enough money for textbooks and food this week. Welcome to the life of a broke college student! Some people think that travel is a right reserved for the rich. Others […]

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6 Ways to Earn Miles That Don’t Require A Credit Card

I haven’t talked a lot about travel hacking on my site before, but if you’ve ever read sites like The Points Guy or Points and Travel (two of my favorite blogs), you know that it is an awesome way to travel for free. If you don’t know what travel hacking is, it’s basically using every […]


New York’s Famous Cronut: Is It Worth The Wait?

One of New York’s relatively new food innovations is called the Cronut, created and trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. Every morning, New Yorkers and tourists alike line up starting as early as 6 AM to buy these elusive, heavenly treats. But…what exactly is a Cronut? According to Ansel’s website, the Cronut is “the unique creation […]


Kay’s Travel Wanderlist: September Edition

Hey y’all! Long time no talk! I’ve been missing the travel blogging scene this summer, as you can see, but I’ll explain myself in the next couple of posts. I have been traveling intermittently (namely, domestically) and it’s been great, albeit interspersed between hours of working a corporate job and tutoring grade school children to […]

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TKD GIVEAWAY: Win An AUD$250 Travel Certificate to Travel Anywhere!

As many of you know, my 21st birthday is coming up in less than a month (you can officially wish me Happy Birthday on May 5!), and to celebrate, I’m giving one lucky duck a travel certificate worth AUD$250 (~$234 US Dollars) for booking hotels/flights/etc. on Webjet Australia! Yes, you can book travel anywhere in […]

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5 Ways You Can Travel For Free

Most people think that travel is a luxury reserved for the rich. Find out why this idea is wrong, and learn 5 ways that you can travel for free. Fellow twenty-somethings often come to me, asking for any advice I can give about how to fund travel. As students, money is often tough to come […]

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Drifting Above Cappadocia’s Eerie Landscape

The alarm seemed to have rang forever before I could finally bring myself to shut it off. The morning hadn’t quite started yet in Cappadocia, the street outside my window still dark, the land still silent. This trip to Turkey had definitely worn me out, so getting up this early was definitely a challenge. Finally, […]